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Is delivery included in the price?
Delivery is included in the price if the order totals Exceeds R500 including VAT, otherwise we charge a R100 delivery fee.

How long is delivery?
This depends on what you order. We aim to deliver printed labels within 4 days of your order and artwork approval, but it is often quicker. Most consumables have a 2 day turnaround and most hardware depends on what we have in stock. We will tell you if there is going to be a delay, but please make us aware of your delivery needs when you order - we will always try to meet your needs.

Is VAT included in the price?
No. Our quotations exclude VAT.

Do you have a minimum order?
Yes. With Our Bureau short run labels, a minimum order is 1000 labels, with the Flexo labels there is a minimum order of 10 000 labels and The wristbands minimum orders of a set of 600.

All Ribbons, spares and hardware are available in any quantity.

What is thermal printing?

In direct thermal printing an image is created within the heat sensitive surface coating on the label. It is important to understand the longevity requirement of the printed image as direct thermal labels are designed for relatively short-term applications.

Across the thermal print head are very many small elements called pixels, which can be selectively heated electronically from a computer's memory, to create text or bar code patterns. The label material passes underneath the print head and is held against it by a backing roller, the heated pixels activate the thermal coating on the label and the images appear.

In direct thermal printing the following adjustable variables must be optimised to achieve the ideal print quality.

i) The level of print head energy is adjustable
ii) Machines have a wide range of printing speed.
iii) The backing roller pressure must be correct.

There are three sensitivity levels of direct thermal coatings to suit different printing speeds.

During thermal transfer printing the print head works just the same as when direct thermal printing, but instead of using a heat sensitive label material a heat sensitive ribbon is introduced between the print head and a very smooth label material.

The backing roller holds the ribbon and label against the print head during printing and the images are transferred from the heat sensitive ribbon onto the label surface.

There are several types and qualities of thermal transfer ribbons to suit the technology of the print head and the durability requirements of the label material and application.

In thermal transfer printing the following adjustable variables must be optimised to achieve the ideal print quality, which should be permanent and long lasting.

  • The level of print head energy is adjustable.
  • Machines have a wide range of printing speed.
  • The backing roller pressure must be correct.
  • The correct choice of ribbon to suit the print head type, printing speed and the end use of the printed label

Do you supply metalized labels?
Yes, we manufacture a variety of high quality materials which are both durable and aesthetically pleasing with a metallic composition. Please contact our sales team so they can offer you a solution for your specific application.

What temperature ranges can your labels withstand?
The service temperature is the highest & lowest temperatures the label will be exposed to expressed in degrees Centigrade. The application temperature is the temperature at which the label is applied onto the product. If you suspect that the label will be used in cold conditions then please ask for samples of different adhesives and satisfy yourself as to their suitability for your particular application.

I cannot find what I want?
If you can not find what you want then please contact us and ask .

Have you got a price list and a catalogue or brochure?
No. The nature of label printing and the millions of possible combinations of colours, materials, machines and sizes means that it is not feasible to publish a price list except for stock items. Instead we will work with you to select the best combination of materials and print effects to cost effectively solve your labelling needs.

If I wish to order after I have been quoted, what is the next stage?
Please confirm your order with us in writing / email and we will process your order. If required, we will design your artwork and submit it to you before manufacture for approval. Once you have signed your artwork approval form, then we will process your order and deliver it to you by next day carrier service.

Are there any origination charges for labels?
Yes. With the Flexographic printing there may be a once off origination charge for new plates (if we have never done the label for you). With all our labels a new die may be required (specific size you require which is not in our die list of all our label sizes) We do have over 1500 different sizes already available.

After my first order, do I have to pay up front for my next job?
Maybe. We always request proforma payment for the first job from new business customers to establish good faith. Second and subsequent orders are also payable on order, unless you apply for a credit account from us, in which case make subject to strict 30 day credit rules.

Can I pay by VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX credit card?
Yes. We accept payment by debit card and VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express.

My labels are not what I expected. What should I do?
Please check to see what you specified in your order. If we didn't print as per your clear instructions, we will, of course, reprint free of charge and offer our apologies. If the fault was yours, we will be happy to reprint at a reduced rate. Please call us on 011 792 7154 as soon as you notice the error.

I want an unusual, specialised label. Can you help?
Yes, almost certainly. We are happy to quote for all sorts of different labels. Please email us with all the details you feel will help us to give you a comprehensive quote

Can I have a logo printed on my labels?
Of course! Please email your existing artwork or any idea you might have. We have an in house design team who will make a label layout for yon and send it to you within 24 hours.

If your logo is only 1 colour and basic line art we can do it in bureau otherwise we can do it on our flexographic machine in up to 4 colours.

Who do I contact with an inquiry?
We have a dedicated sales and administration team who will be pleased to offer you advice on your label needs and provide you with a non-obligation quotation. Click here to go to our company key staff, that are always happy to assist you.

What are your standard sizes?
We have a large variety of die cut sizes for each machine. Please email us for details as we update the list weekly with new sizes.

Can you match Pantone colours?
Yes. We can match any colour using flexographic printing, but NOT with our bureau service due to the nature of the printing process.

Does it cost more to have fewer labels on a roll?
No. Although It is much more labour intensive to have smaller roll sizes on larger orders, we offer it as a service to our customers. We charge per 1000 labels irrespective. How ever many you wish to have on a roll is entirely up to you or if you are printing on them, to what your printer allows for.

Do you do Security Labels
Yes! We have a range of security / Warranty Labels. We have 2 layer paper, that once tampered with leaves the word ‘VOID’ on the goods and is un-repairable. We also have tamper evident paper that just crumbles when scratched or tampered with, as well as a foam like paper which does the same. If your application is more specific, please contact our helpful team so that we can offer you a solution.

Is ADE Labelling and Barcoding a reputable company?
ADE has been a trade labels printer for 20 years. We have an enviable reputation within the industry for keen pricing, high quality work and excellent customer service. You can click here to see more information about our company.

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