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MicroScan 820

The MS-820 is a compact single-line scanner optimized for reading high density codes. Its small size, robust reading and industrial features have established the MS-820 as the standard bar code scanner on the assembly lines of many large manufacturers.

The MS-820’s IP65 enclosure rating makes it ideal for applications such as conveyors, assembly lines or integration within machinery.

  • Scans/second: 300-1100
  • Read range: 1 to 30" (25 to 762 mm)
  • Internal diagnostics
  • Ultra high-density symbol reading (3 mil)
  • Flash memory

MicroScan 860

The MS-860 is adaptable to a wide variety of bar code applications across multiple industries with operators of varying experience levels. Push-button calibration and a full feature set enable you to quickly and easily configure the MS-860, which provides easy scanning of both linear and stacked bar codes.

  • Scans/second: 300-1200
  • Read range: 1 to 47" (25 to 1193 mm)
  • Laser/Raster Framing
  • Real-Time Feedback

MicroScan 880

The MS-880 is a heavy duty scanner with the flexibility to solve a multitude of applications under a variety of factory conditions. The extended read range and intelligent sweeping raster provide robust reading of both linear bar codes and stacked symbologies.

Versatility and rugged design make the MS 880 an ideal scanner for industrial applications.

  • Scans/second: 350-1000
  • Read range: 10 to 120" (254 to 3048 mm)
  • Sweeping raster, user adjustable
  • Autofocus
  • Auto Calibration
  • IrDA port for wireless programming
  • Field replaceable windows
  • Read performance LEDs

Microscan Quadrus EZ

Intermec’s popular EasyCoder 3400 is a medium duty bar code label printer featuring 4” print widths, unlimited print length, and 203 dpi print resolution. The 3400 printer is a popular choice of Intermec customers. The reliability, economical cost, and print features of the EasyCoder 3400 printer are vital to the success of many manufacturing and distribution center businesses.

  • Decodes/second: up to 60
  • Read range: adjustable from 2 to 10" (51 to 254 mm)
  • Extended read range with optional external camera
  • One touch setup button
  • Symbol alignment pattern
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • User configurable symbol qualification
  • Optional video output with text overlay
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